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Service Updates

  • New Timetables Commencing Monday 2nd October 17

    Winter Timetable Update

    From Monday 2nd October 2017 we will be changing over to our new winter timetable. This timetable has been designed to acknowledge the increase in traffic we generally see travelling through London on the PM commute at this time of year. Whilst London’s traffic is notoriously unpredictable, in adding extra time to the timetable we aim to make it as reflective of actual journeys as possible. Please note that no start times of any services have changed.

  • Route & Timetable Update

    We are constantly monitoring the performance of each of our commuter services checking timetable accuracy, service popularity and route suitability to allow us to seek out new opportunities and to assess the long term viability of established services.

    During this process we have identified that our 762 and 766 routes have been consistently underutilised for some time now. To allow our continued investment and the future sustainability in our overall service provision we plan to remove two services from Monday 19th June 2017.

    New Timetable – Medway

    New Timetable – New Ash Green

    New Timetable – VIGO

  • New Snodland Express Service

    As part of our recent route and timetable review we have also identified where new services will add value.

    We have received a number of requests over the years from commuters living in Snodland wanting an ‘express service’ from Snodland to London . With slight amendments to the route and a strong marketing campaign to support the launch we believe that we can run a viable and sustainable service on this corridor.

    From 19th June 2017 we will operate two 764 services starting from Cuxton to Snodland and then fast via the M20 to London. With a journey time of just 60 minutes from Snodland to Canary Wharf we’re confident this service will be popular with passengers.

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