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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my coach?

We are able to track the progress of each of our vehicles here at Head Office, so if you phone we can tell you exactly when you might expect your vehicle to arrive. It is hoped this tracking service will be available on line for all our customers in the not too distant future.

Where is my bus stop?

A map of the individual stops, or routes, may be viewed on this site.

Are their child travel concessions?

Sorry no, full price applies to all tickets.

Where can I purchase my ticket?

All tickets can be purchased on board the vehicle, except the annual and half yearly tickets which must be applied for from Head Office with a completed application form (available from this website or on board one of our vehicles) together with 2 passport size photos. Alternatively, the application form can be completed on line and your photo uploaded.

How much is my ticket?

Please visit our fares and tickets page.

Why is my coach late?

Whilst we endeavour to run our services according to the published timetable, our best efforts can be hampered due to severe traffic congestion in and around London. We are often asked why we do not alter our timetable to compensate for this. Quite simply, our routes and timings are agreed by Transport for London as part of a larger network of commuter services travelling to and from London – any changes we make will therefore affect other commuter services. Bear in mind too that during the school holidays traffic moves more freely and timetable timings more readily achieved.

Can I use my Freedom Pass?

We have been instructed by London Councils that we ‘are not obliged to carry passengers using the Freedom Pass due to clients being able to purchase tickets in advance, therefore making our service a bookable service which differs from the typical red bus service to which Freedom Passes apply.’

Why has my coach not picked up at my stop?

Now and again our commuter vehicles are required to deviate from their normal route due to road works, demonstrations, etc. If changes to any part of our commuter schedules have to be made then we will notify you, either by SMS text message to your mobile phone or via our website as soon as we know about them – don’t forget to sign up to our free SMS text messaging service for up to date travel information.

Can I get a seat?

We monitor our services very closely to ensure our commuter vehicles do not overload, however, on the rare occasion that this may happen our vehicles are seated only and it is not possible to carry any more passengers than seats provided. i.e. nil standees.

Where is my usual coach?

A rigid cycle of maintenance checks is carried out on our fleet, in line with current Department of Transport (DOT) legislation, which will necessitate your regular vehicle being taken out of service at some point. A cover vehicle will be used until your usual vehicle is ready to go back into service.

Where is my usual driver?

Sometimes cover drivers are used when a driver phones in sick or is simply away on holiday.