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Commuter Coach Services into the Capital

Including Local Bus Services

We currently operate 17 commuter vehicles serving the Medway towns, New Ash Green, Longfield, Meopham and surrounding villages.



Fares & Tickets

Times/Service cancellations subject to weather and traffic conditions.

Services run from Monday-Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) All tickets sold are non transferable.

2018 Medway Commuter Pricing - Effective 1st January 2018


Ticket Type Cost
Medway Annual £2,864
Medway Half Yearly £1,539
Medway Monthly £291
Medway Book of 10 £91
Medway Return £20
Medway Single £15
Medway Book of 40 £345

2018 New Ash Green/Vigo/Meopham Commuter Pricing - Effective 1st January 2018

New Ash Green / Vigo / Meopham

Ticket Type Cost
New Ash Green/Vigo/Meopham Annual £2,509
New Ash Green/Vigo/Meopham Half Yearly £1,342
New Ash Green/Vigo/Meopham Monthly £254
New Ash Green/Vigo/Meopham Book of 10 £74
New Ash Green/Vigo/Meopham Return £20
New Ash Green/Vigo/Meopham Single £15
New Ash Green/Vigo/Meopham Book of 40 £283

2018 Black Prince Commuter Pricing - Effective 1st January 2018

Black Prince

Ticket Type Cost
Black Prince Annual £1,936
Black Prince Half Yearly £1,034
Black Prince Monthly £197
Black Prince Book of 10 £56
Black Prince Return £15
Black Prince Single £10
Black Prince Book of 40 £211