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Passenger Regulations

  • Smoking is not permitted at any time.
  • The courier seat is not available for use by passengers.
  • Passengers are requested not to speak to the driver or distract him whilst driving.
  • No food or drink to be consumed on the vehicle at any time unless otherwise agreed by contractual request.
  • Animals are not permitted to travel on our vehicles, although an exception will be made to accommodate a guide dog.
  • Individual air and lighting controls are located above each seat for passenger comfort during the journey.
  • For your comfort, large items of luggage should be placed in the hold and personal items such as bags or holdalls stowed in the overhead compartments of the vehicle and not placed in the gangway and/or adjacent to the emergency exit. Care should be taken when retrieving such items.
  • The driver of any of our vehicles is authorised to instruct any passenger’s who are causing a nuisance to others to disembark from the vehicle. Such behaviour includes consumption of alcohol, drunken behaviour, undue noise from any instrument / radio / recording device, threatening behavior and excessive use of mobile phones.
  • Passengers are recommended to familiarise themselves with the emergency exits on board the vehicle.
  • A first aid kit and fire extinguishers are carried on board all vehicles for emergency use only.
  • Our risk assessment for this local bus and commuter route has been forwarded to Transport for London