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Seat Belt Legislation

Passengers travelling on our vehicles are legally bound to wear the seat belts provided, signs on our vehicles are displayed (as shown) therefore our driver has no obligation to announce this instruction at the start of a journey.

All our vehicles are displayed with the following instructions:

  • All passengers are requested to remain seated during their journey with the lap belt / three point seat belts securely fastened whilst the vehicle is in motion.
  • Passengers are asked not to get up from their seat to disembark until the vehicle has become stationary.
  • Lap belts / three point seat belts are fitted in all vehicles as required by law. The onus for using them lies with the individual and is mandatory. Should the police or vehicle inspectorate representative board the vehicle you could be fined.
  • The lap belts provided on these vehicles are not suitable to secure a child seat.
  • Health and safety regulations do not permit children to sit next to emergency doors, on the rear centre seat or on the front four seats of the vehicle.