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The annual / half yearly season ticket prices are heavily discounted and, because of this, should you surrender your ticket early we will calculate any refund due by first assuming you had not purchased a season ticket for the period of travel then deducting the cost of the individual tickets you would have purchased at the prices prevailing at the time of travel, the remaining monies to be refunded, less our £20.00 administration charge.

If your employer paid us for your season ticket then any refund due will be made to your employer unless we receive written consent from them that we may refund you direct. (we recommend a 10 month repayment term is agreed with your employer).

Refunds against annual and half yearly season tickets will be calculated from the postmark on the envelope in which you return your ticket. Alternatively, you may hand your ticket to a ticket collector or driver ensuring you are issued with a receipt.

No refund will be considered and / or authorised without the ticket being received.

Refunds for monthly tickets, books of 40 & books of 10 single tickets, day return tickets and single ticket will not be considered.